Discover Inner Yauco, PR

In Casa Ámbar you will find the intimacy, relaxation and adventure in the abundant nature that will surround you.


A unique place, that you will enjoy by yourself or with your special one. Your stay is also the perfect opportunity to explore the top of a mountain to trails that lead to impressive waterfalls.




Casa Ámbar is a container transformed into a cozy Airbnb in 2019. From a minimalist concept you will fall in love with the typical nature of the countryside of Puerto Rico. The sound of birds, the pool, the river and a hanging woven seat will welcome you to the experience of reconnecting with your essence.

Even inside the bedroom, you can enjoy the scenery. The large window behind the bed is the entrance to a private balcony where you can enjoy our complimentary breakfast, do yoga, read a book or simply appreciate the moment.