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Alejandro Piazza Massini left the island of Corsica at an early age after his father died in a storm as he was a sailor. Alejandro Piazza arrives in the Duey neighborhood in Yauco with a godfather and over time acquires about 200 acres of land.


In 2019, 5 generations later, his great-great-granddaughter Naimah Saleh Castillo created Casa Ámbar in one of those ropes and received its first guests. Since then, Casa Ámbar has been that safe place to disconnect and breathe peace.


The land that for more than a century has given so much to the descendants of Alejandro Piazza, today gives local and international tourists beautiful experiences.


It is with friendly treatment, with rooms with a warm style and with nature as the protagonist that we reach the hearts of our visitors.


We are excited to welcome you and know the story that brought you to Casa Ambar and the new story you will leave with.

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