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What to do in Yauco?

Yauco is a municipality in southwestern Puerto Rico, known for its coffee production and rich cultural heritage. It’s famous for the “Yaucromatic” urban art project, featuring colorful murals on building facades. With its scenic landscapes and mountainous areas, Yauco is a popular destination for hiking and nature enthusiasts.


A vibrant urban art project where artists have transformed the facades of the buildings with colorful murals, turning the area into a cultural attraction.

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Pico Rodadero

This natural viewpoint offers panoramic views and is the second-highest mountain in Yauco, making it ideal for hiking enthusiasts.

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Charco Piazza

A refreshing natural pool that you can walk to from Casa Ambar. It is a popular spot among locals.

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Salto Santa Clara

This impressive waterfall will take your breath away. It is not a busy destination and the hike can be intimidating but as long as you follow the signs in the trees you will make it.

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Lago Luchetti

This reservoir is great for a family day out and recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, and bird watching.


What to do in Guánica?

Guánica is a coastal municipality in southwestern Puerto Rico, known for its extensive dry forest reserve, beautiful beaches, and rich history, including significant events from the Spanish-American War. It is also recognized for its agricultural products, particularly fruits and vegetables.


Guánica is known as the paradise of eternal summer. Its beaches are more serene than those in the north of the island and are perfect for enjoying the sunset.


Finca de Girasoles

It is a picturesque setting. There is a variety of sunflowers, and visitors can stroll among the rows of the bright flowers.


Fuerte Caprón

It is part of the Dry Forest and is a historic military fortress that makes you travel back in time. From here you can appreciate the Guánica Bay.

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